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    Is This the Year to Sell My House?

    By Adrian Price | January 7, 2021

    If one of the questions you’re asking yourself is, “Should I sell my house this year?” consumer sentiment about selling today should boost your confidence in the right direction. Even with the current health crisis that continues to challenge our nation, Americans still feel good about selling a house. Here’s why. According to the latest Home […] Read More

    The Importance of Home Equity in Building Wealth

    By Adrian Price | January 6, 2021

    Homeownership has always been the first rung on the ladder leading to household wealth. As Freddie Mac recently posted: “Homeownership has cemented its role as part of the American Dream, providing families with a place that is their own and an avenue for building wealth over time. This ‘wealth’ is built, in large part, through […] Read More

    Why Not to Wait Until Spring to Make a Move

    By Adrian Price | January 5, 2021

    The housing market recovery coming into the new year has been nothing short of remarkable. Many experts agree the turnaround from the nation’s economic pause is playing out extremely well for real estate, and the current market conditions are truly making this winter an ideal time to make a move. Here’s a dive into some […] Read More

    Which is scarier? Halloween or the election?

    By Allen Jacobs | November 5, 2020

    So it has been awhile since my last post but…….. THESE ARE CRAZY TIMES WE ARE IN! The real estate market is in a state of flux. The seasonal aspect was obliterated this year i.e. spring market – summer lull – fall market. That, plus, entered into a partnership with Adrian Price. While keeping our... Read More


    By Allen Jacobs | May 21, 2020

    As always, we hope this finds you and yours well and safe! Just wanted to let you know of an exciting new frontier for Sunset Creek. There is a new partnership consisting of myself and Adrian Price. Adrian brings not only 24 years of a successful career in real estate, he also brings the technical... Read More


    By Allen Jacobs | April 10, 2020

    Read More