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Highly Respected, Personalized, and Unmatched Service.

Highly Respected, Personalized, and Unmatched Service.

Sunset Creek Realty, established in 2007, is a highly respected, independent real estate company designed to offer personalized service unlike any others you will find in the industry. Our focus on the individual – on both ends of the relationship – is unparalleled, and offers our clients an experience they will appreciate for a lifetime.

Sunset Creek Realty is unique in its mission to stay small enough by design so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients, but large enough to offer all of the services normally found at larger brokerages. We believe it is the individual agent and broker – not a large corporate entity – who will get to know you, care about you, and help you navigate through the complicated and sometimes challenging process of selling or buying your home.


I’m not sure I know where to begin. When you know some for close to 25 years there’s a comfort level and familiarity that borders family. So I am a bit biased with Mr. Price. I knew him before he was the shoreline’s “mega super-agent” that he is today. And I could always see it in him. I knew he’s  been pretty successful the last 10 years since he went full time. But the natural progression of our lives caused us to drift apart slightly. Then this house came calling me, my ideal home that I was …
Scott Corcoran